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Alpha 65 Evo Studio Monitor

Alpha 65 Evo Studio Monitor

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Alpha 65 Evo has a 1(25mm) Aluminium tweeter and a 6.5(16.5cm) woofer with Slatefiber cone developed and manufactured in s workshops in France. This monitor features excellent dynamics and neutrality in its tonal balance. Thanks to new technologies and features, Alpha 65 Evo is highly versatile. Using cutting-edge materials and engineering practices, the Alpha 65 Evo has been designed from the bottom-up to improve on its predecessor s performance. The new Alpha 65 Evo is sonically and functionally versatile, making it the perfect solution for any guitarist, drummer, synthesist, DJ, producer or engineer. At the center of the new Alpha 65 Evo is a new Slatefiber driver. The unique characteristics of the Slatefiber driver have dramatically improved the overall dynamic range, impact and low frequency extension compared to its predecessor. The cone is even hand-made in our workshop in Saint-Etienne, France. The updated 1f Aluminum inverted dome tweeter recreates the smallest nuance with exacting detail without a hint of harshness or fatigue. Beyond impressive sonic characteristics, the Alpha 65 Evo is more functional than ever. The monitor offers RCA, TRS and XLR inputs, as well as convenient mounting points for use in immersive audio scenarios or even tight spaces. Itfs a great solution for any space and any budget.

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